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Land hire for a wedding

May 22, 2015 by jamie

Many couples opt for an outdoor wedding but finding that perfect land hire for a wedding venue can be a tricky task.

Give people more options, if you own a large picturesque field or area or woodland, you could be making couples dreams come true.
Think about it, could your large garden hold a marquee and 100 or so guests, do you own a grazing field that could be hired out for a weeding every now and again.

Key features people look for

Here are a few key features people look for when thinking about land hire for a wedding venue

  • Good access
    If they commissioned a marquee hire company, can they easily gain access to the land.
  • Child friendly
    Is the land free of debris or waste, does it have a fast flowing river or stream near it without fencing.
  • Parking
    Is there ample parking space for all the guests.
  • General condition
    Is the area free from brambles and nettles, has the grass been kept at a reasonable height.
  • Will it make a good photo
    The question thats on every brides mind, will your field for hire make a good backdrop for the wedding photos.